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10 new skyscrapers about to transform the Toronto skyline

Toronto is a city of soon-to-be skyscrapers. According to the 2020 North American Crane Index, we have the highest number of active tower cranes out of every other city in the continent, with 120 in the downtown core alone. And in a matter of years, those cranes will be replaced by some of the tallest condos in the country. Here are some new skyscrapers about to transform the Toronto skyline. SkyTower, 95 storeys Hariri Pontarini's monster condo (pictured above) is slated for completion in 2024. It's one of three towers making up the Pinnacle project at One Yonge, and will be the tallest building in Toronto, after the CN Tower. If you've got a budget as lofty as this development, you'll be able to afford one of their $800,000 units.

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By Tanya Mok


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