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New pedestrian-friendly Yonge St. to include event spaces and curbside patios

The YongeTOmorrow project proposes closing Yonge-Dundas Square off to car traffic for use by pedestrians during the day. Image by Norm Li/CentreCourt.

For one of Toronto's most important streets (if not the most important street), Yonge sucks for pedestrians and cyclists. The sidewalks are narrow at points, there are no bike lanes, and the public realm is quite "bleh." Save for construction scaffolding and a smattering of bike rings, there's little streetscaping at all along Yonge Street throughout the downtown core. Revamping the major arterial route is something city officials have been discussing and working on for years under the project name YongeTOmorrow. After narrowing down several potential concepts to transform Yonge Street between Queen Street and College/Carlton Street, the city released its final "Recommended Design Concept" in September of 2020. Since then, new renderings have emerged courtesy of Norm Li and CentreCourt, illustrating what Yonge Street might look like if the plan is executed as currently designed.

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By Lauren O'Neil


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